CAER Awards

CAER NCA Faculty and Student Best Paper Awards

CAER offers two awards for the best Faculty and Student papers submitted for presentation at the annual National Communication Association (NCA) convention. Winners receive a plaque and a one year membership to CAER.

Past CAER Award Winners at the National Communication Association (NCA)

Best Faculty Paper: “'It’s not about the potatoes': Achieving alignment in enactments of oplakvane (complaining, mourning) in Bulgarian discourse" Nadezhda Sotirova, University of Minnesota, Morris

Best Graduate Student Paper: Thomas McCloskey, University of Maryland, “'Planting our feet in Ukraine, keeping our heads in Europe!': Defining Ukrainian Nationalism"

Best Faculty Paper: Brett Craig, St. Louis College of Pharmacy, Yuliya Yurashevich, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and Audrey Dewes, Saint Louis University - " Social Support Among University Students in Kazakhstan"

Best Graduate Student Paper: Thomas McCloskey, University of Maryland, "'We Will Destroy Them': Unifying Russian Myths and Vladmir Putin's Rise to Power"

Best Faculty Paper: Sarah Vartabedian, West Texas A&M University - "The Material Remains of Communism: Ironic Mementos and Hungarian Nationalism"

Best Graduate Student Paper: Marta Natalia Lukacovic, Wayne State University - "Reconsidering the Spiral of Silence: Slovaks' User-Generated Comments about the Ukrainian Crisis"


Best Faculty Paper: Elina Erzikova, Central Michigan University - "Financial Sustainability in Provincial Media in Russia"

Best Graduate Student Paper: Valentine Kovtun, Fresno State University - "A Fight for Freedom: Theoretical and Practical Strategies for Aiding Protest in Ukraine"


Best Faculty Paper: Katerina Tsetsura, University of Oklahoma – “Connections Worth Pursuing: How Media-related NGOs Communicate with Western Donors”

Best Graduate Student Paper: Thomas McCloskey, University of Maryland - “Putin’s Magnitsky Response: Turning Tu Quoque into Nationalism”