RCA at NCA Salt Lake City 8-11 November 2018

Russian Communication Association


National Communication Association Annual Convention
November 8 - 11, 2018
Salt Lake City, UT

Deadline for Submissions: Wednesday, March 28, 2018, 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time

Russian Communication Association (RCA) welcomes submissions that focus on various aspects of communication in, with, and about Russia.

Following the official theme for the 104th NCA Annual Convention in Salt Lake City, Utah – Communication at Play – RCA encourages submissions that examine the nature of play and its role within communication frameworks and interaction in Russia and beyond, or exhibit playfulness in shaping the experience of scholars coming together to address issues of common concern, such as playing with process, with language, with culture, and with fellow scholars, teachers, and professionals to inform our scholarly and pedagogical work. Please read more about this year’s theme at the NCA Convention website: http://www.natcom.org/convention/.

We welcome any theoretical perspective or methodological approach that may advance our understanding of communication discipline, including, but not limited to, critical/cultural studies, rhetoric, media, intercultural, interpersonal, organizational, peace and conflict, gender and sexuality, political, and performative. For example, papers about communicative or rhetorical behavior, social interaction, theoretical contributions or any form of mediated or face-to-face form of communication or interaction within the context of Russia would be appropriate. However, submissions should not be limited to Russia alone as long as they are related to it in some way. In addition to the traditional types of submissions, we encourage innovative methods that may not use traditional presentational formats or require the literal presence of such participants. We also encourage panel discussion submissions that include presenters from multiple institutions and (or) multiple countries.

We accept submissions in four formats: Individual Papers, Paper Session, Panel Discussions, and Performance Sessions. For definitions of submission types, please refer to the step-by-step “How to Submit” Instructions provided in the Convention Library. All submissions must be made via NCA Convention Central. Emailed or mailed submissions will not be accepted. All submissions must be in English.

Individual Papers: Full papers and extended abstracts may be submitted for consideration. Extended abstracts should contain sufficient information for review; although they will be considered, priority will be given to full papers. You should not submit a paper that has been published or accepted for publication at the time of submission. Superior paper submissions may be programmed in the Scholar to Scholar Series, which provides a format especially appropriate for visual and aural work, multimedia projects, and interactive presentations. If you’d like your paper to be considered for Scholar to Scholar, please check the appropriate agreement box during the submission process. Authors will enter their submission information including title, author(s), paper description (for the convention program), and upload an extended abstract or a completed paper file. Please remove ALL identifying information from your uploaded paper/abstract file prior to submission. Instructions on how to prepare a blind copy are provided in the Convention Library. Uploaded files should not exceed 25 pages of primary text, excluding abstract, title page and works cited page(s).

Paper Session: A paper session is submitted as a pre-conceived and complete session of papers centered around a common subject, theme, concept, or idea. All paper session proposals must include an overall description of the session, a paper session rationale, the title of each proposed paper, author(s) name and contact information, and an abstract for each paper. A session chair is required.

Panel Discussion: Submitters will enter their submission information including panel title, participants (including chair, presenters and/or respondent) and their contact information, a panel description (for the convention program), and a detailed rationale (around 1,000 words) outlining the importance of the submission.

Performance Session: Submitters will enter their submission information including performance title, participants (including chair, performers and/or respondent) and their contact information, a performance description (for the convention program), and rationale outlining the importance of the performance session.

If you are not a member of NCA, you will be able to create a user name and password for NCA Convention Central by using the "Create an Account" link on the main sign-in page of NCA Convention Central. The best student and faculty submissions will be recognized, and top papers will be considered for publication in the RCA-sponsored Russian Journal of Communication.

If you would like to join our team of reviewers, please email Sasha Allgayer (sallga@bgsu.edu) and provide details about your area of expertise.

All submitters are encouraged to review the Professional Standards for Convention Participants prior to submission. Helpful resources, including live and recorded step-by-step instructions on how to submit, are available in the Convention Library.

For information or questions, please contact Sasha Allgayer at sallga@bgsu.edu